People in the Public Eye

13 Rio Hon. Margaret Bondficht wus appoinied a Companion of Honour it tlie t η. μὲ ως ρω» i: icp pep: New Year Honors, for public sercices. She ts the first woman to beconrme Chair~ man of the Trafes Cnion Congress. a Munster of the Crown ain a Priey Councilor, Born th 1873 te Somerset. Ste Prederick Jolar Burrows, KCL. Chatrnian of the clyvicnttural Land Conanission, Str Frederick cosas foriier Governor of Bengal and was kuighted Ww 1946, Sir Altles Thomas who huis been appointed Deputy Chatrman of British Overseas οἱ ήταν Corporation. Str Miles was @ pilot in the First World War. Peoplicinthe Public Eye The Rt. Hon, Doivias Clifton Broten, ALP. Speaker of the Horse of Coneauions since 1943. He hus represented Hex- han as a Conservative nicniber since 1OTS, 27h one break ti 1924. Born in 1879.µ5 was educated at Cheam, Elon and Trintiy Collese, Cumbridye, where he took his Mid. he then cntered the clrniy and fouedt in the ost World War. Jn 1938 fe was apperi ted Deputy Chair- man of Ways aad Means aud ta 1943 became Chairman, le had been Chair- sean of Wavs and Meais for oily three months when the Speaker of the Honse of Conunons died and Coloned Clifton Brown was elected to succeed fim, Phe Earl of Listowel, Minister of Stare for Colonial ciffairs. ° Bora in 1906. Tn 1931. on the death of hus father he took his seat tis the House of Lords, The fart ieas elected to the Labour ΜΗΟΜΔΟΣ for Bast Lezeistean in 1937. Pte servud in the 2nd World Wur in the Jatelligence Coy wed on General Te frome του. το Τά he Pavel’s stat] was Labour Whip iv the House of Lords, Mont τομ Lord Listowel be cue Onider-Secretary of State for India. He was made a Privy Couneitler jx 1946 aad in 1947 became Secretary of State for India and Burnta, cohich “post ceased on these countries recetving their independence. Soc! CYPRUS REVinw Dota tethered. Crely Linki ua: ts the Third Sevretary to the Latbas « at Relurade. She Μαν one day fe Britaies jirst woman clnibassador te a foreten cupital. She is the first wore to qualify ase permanent member of 1 Forcier Offtce Diplomatte Stajf. πώ ΟΕ who be- caine a Privy Councillor in this New Yeurs Honours List. He has been un active inember of tte Amalgamated Engineers Cnton for years, The Burmese Auibassador-designate speaking at the Burmese Embassy London on 4th January last on which date Burma became an Independent Republic,