Lord Winster Speaks to the Cyprus Police Force

Lord Winster Speaks to the Cyprus Police Force On the 27th February, His Excellency the Governor presented at the Police Training School, Kyrenia, the Colonial Police and Fire Brigades Long Service and Good Conduct Medals to seventeen members of the Cyprus Police Force. His Excellency addressed the men as follows :— “TT GIVES me great pleasure to be here today to witness‘ the Passing- Out Parade of those men who have chosen a Police career and to present on behalf of His Majesty The King the Colonial Police and. Fire Brigades Long Service and Good Conduct Medals to men who have served His Majesty and this Colony of Cyprus ever many years and have done their duty with credit to themselves and to the Force to which they belong. The profession of a Policeman is an honourable one. The duties are onerous and call for men of. character, loyalty and integrity. The Cyprus Police Force has an honourable record and it is your duty as recruits to the Force tosee that this record is main- tained unblemished. I wish to im- press upon you the importance of your work to the community as a whole. You are servants of the public, and as such you must always show that im- partiality which is so very essential to Justice and Freedom. You should never forget that your duty is to up- hold the common rights of all indivi- duals to whatever class of society they belong, irrespective of party or creed. A police force which submits to pressure from a. political party of any colour whatsoever.can never serve the public faithfully. Nor can true freedom exist in a country whose government uses, the police force sto further purely political ends. You should, throughout your career, bear in mind the following essentials : (!) Good conduct, (2) Knowledge of -walk.. of life. your profession, (3) ' Professional energy, (4) Education and self- improvement. As regards Good conduct, as police- men you should set the highest value on your personal character and repu- tation. You should be as particular and as circumspect in keeping your honour from being sullied as any men. Your-character and reputation should be dear to’you and carefully guarded. Do what is right at all times, obey with strict obedience, practise sobriety, and always be courteous and faithful in the discharge of your duties. Remember “ knowledge is power” ‘and a knowledge of one’s profession enables a man to discharge his duties efficiently and well. To get to the top in any career requires great capacity for hard work, and deep conviction that your work fulfils a public purpose. Without energy a man will not succeed in any There is one other The profession of a Policeman is an honourable one. The duties are onerus and call for men of - character, loyalty and integrity. —tLord Winster. essential necessary for success in your profession, and that is education and self-improvement. The time you spend in doing some good for your mind or body by study or exercise is time well spent. If a man has his health, the more work he has to do or the more he is occupied with some legitimate pursuit the better it is for him. Remember it is a great advan- tage for a man to obtain promotion while yqung, so that he may be in his prime when he is advanced to higher positions in the Force. i I would remind you men, whom I have just decorated with the Colonial Police and Fire Brigades Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, that you have still before you some years of service. Continue to order your lives and the performance of your duties in the same worthy manner as in the past, and be an example to these young men who are now about to start their careers be helpful guides to them when they come amongst you in the Force and, by your conduct, show them the correct path of duty. Re- member it is to you older and experi- enced men that the young constable must always look for guidance. When going about the Island I always feel satisfaction in seeing that the men of the Police Force take great pride in their appearance and wear their uniform with smartness. In that respect I congratulate you all on your turn-out today, and to those men who are starting out on their careers, I wish good luck and God speed. ” Photographs of Passing - Out Parade at pages 16—17. ον CYPRUS REVIEW PICTURE RECORD OF THE MEMORABLE 16 SR His Excellency decorates one of the long- service Sergeants. 1 :. z : “ Parade stands to atiention while the National Anthem ts played. ond moxoms 8 His Excellency: addresses Ue parade through the loudspeaker 3 € S e loudspeaker, Lord W ister inspects the ranks of the recruits, γα λα ας ση. POLICE PARADE AT KYRENIA CASTLE : Another long-service Police Constable recetves Cyprus Police, Lord Winster’s hand-shake. 2 ae 2 - σος i vs a. : wee ος ms Hey Lord Winster shake hands with another long service Constable. Behind The group of long-service Police Constables who received awards. His Excellency—-Mr. J. H. Ashinore, Commissioner of Police. nOHOtY On Another view of the inspection. At the close of the inspection,