SP 2 Ah eter eee SE oe — DOUBTS ABOUT NEW UN MOVES Diplomats in Cyprus are privately dubious about the chances of success for the latest moves in the United Nations to find a Cyprus settlement. For while in public, they feel bound to appear as confi- dent as possible about Dr Waldheim’s plans to get talks be- tween the Greek and Turkish communities restarted. they warn thata vast number of obstacles have to be overcome. (They also point out they could hardly admit to heing pessimistic since their countries voted in lavaur of the relevant resolution at the Genera Assembly in New York) The resolution calls for every effarl to be nude to gain a resumption of the talks, wricn broke down in June. early inthe New Year, Andif no progress is made by the end of March. an ad hoe committee on Cyprus will be set up. (See page 2 for full details} since 1974, a greal deal a! Most diptamats / work had yer i: Pes Gone ay ced that the resalutian Gel 7 was. as President Kypria- Simple now put it the strongest One diplomat, whe one yet However they asked fo remain arany cautioned that with the mous, told ‘The Cyprus uncertain situation in” Weekly’ “The real sue Turkey. the personal in- is simple. How badly do lerests of the United the two sides want a sel- States and the Soviet Un- tiement? Of course. they ion, and the poor record of progress between the two Cypriot communities both insist they are des- perale and they could hardly do otherwise “But one onby has to at ihe smuatan to that if this were really true a selllameni would be a lot closer Bath sides know (ne price jor a permanent peace will be high. but uml they are ready to make the ne- cessary sacrifices ihe is- land wall remain dwided look realise Echomng the fering af oiher dipiamals, as well as leaders of both communities, he adder “The longer they wait [he more difficull it will be The diplomat accepl- ed ihat much dependec on the attitudes and de- sires of other countries but said “Cyprus is strong enough to defeat outside interference. On- ly the willpower 16 lack- ing.” Lig: