PAGE 16 MICHALAKIS ALOUPAS 2% Onassugoras Street, tel. 66182 8 Mukurios HL Avenue, tel. 48408 Nicosia Specialists in hand-made jewellery © Madern Jewellery wie Styles revived « variety of rings with precious stones See our pertiaeat showewindow at the Hilton: Hotel N. IOANNOU dw wolved with the ‘: of cay silverware for 35 years. ‘Trained in Athens for gold jewellery. METAXAS J silverware far 37 yeas Attondedl jewel Insalved wit the ant of jewellery a Speciatives in hanel-made jewellery. ity Athens Shops: 905 Led via tol BA Woerkshs 5. Nicosia tol 623616 Acschylou, Niet Wo TSB esehafon, Niesia tel 6155 “the Pancyprian Asso- Nov. 23-29, 1979 Gold and Silver Arts. ‘Exhibition — A Gold and Silver Arts Exhibition opens at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia this evening, and visitors will have a chance to admire some of the excellent pieces of Cypriot workmanship famous through the ages. Sponsored by Benson & Hedges, follows other successful similar exhib tions held in Cyprus in the past three years. This year's exhibi- tion coincides with some good news for Cypriot jewellers. A halimarking system is to be introduced shortly, and this is certain to help boost exports of Cyprus- made gold and silver articles. The President of ciation of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, Mr Michael Atoupas, said that the halimarking system will be intro- duced on a voluntary basis at first. He said preparatory work is now going on. and the both Eastern and West- scheme will come into ern Europe, including ‘operation by the mid- France. the UK and Gze- die of next year. chostovakia ‘we shall begin exports: on a big scale”, He said exports of Cyprus. “gold ‘articles have so far been going to ‘Guarantee Hallmarking has been associated with the jewellery and_ silversrn ‘thing trade for centuries in many European coun- tries. If is intended as a guarantee of metal quali ty to the purchaser. In Britain it was first intro- duced by Edward | in the 14th century and its standards have had many alterations. since ‘then The Minister of ‘Commerce and Industry, Mr Andreas Papageorgh- iow, said the introduction ‘of the hallmarking sys- tem in Cyprus would have a twofold purpose: it would offer “assurance to the purchasers that what they buy is in com- pliance with certain ap- proved standards and, as @ result, this enhanced consumer confidence will further stimulate the industry.” He confirmed that work upon the standards for gold and silver art ‘les has been completed by the Cyprus Standards and Quality Control Or- sganisation. Mr _Aloupas rem- arked: “The introduction ‘of the system will en- hance the confidence’in ‘our trade on the part of both Cypriots and visi tors. We hope that soon Involved with the Specializes in the p Shap: S. KYRIACOU ‘of jewellery and silverware for 30 years. peinetion oF all kinds of jewellery and sil vorware Attended the Government Apprenticeship Scheme for jesellery and graduated after 3. years. Specialized also for 8 taonths in London for watch repairing, 27) Suphactenns. Nicosia tel AWD Import Duty Mr Aloupas also re- ferred’ta_ another dem- and by Gypriot goldsmiths — that the government should: abol- ish the import duly on precious stones —now as high as 37.90 per cent. He said this would bring Great benefits to The Cy- prus economy. said -Mr Aloupas Cypriot gold art-had a history going back 8,000 years. when Khirokitia settlers made the first necklaces. Cyprus flourished in the late Bronze Age when there was a large “and'stones and ivory The President. of Cyprus BAT (Cyprus) Ltd, Mré. Tseriotis, sald Benson & Hedges were happy to The techniques of cooperate for the fourth metalwork, such as gran year running with the As- ulation and enamelling sociation of Goldemiths handmade jewellery in reached s romarkani{ & Siversmiths in pro- the region. ree of sophisticatio| moting gold and silver 7 which experts adm... art preduects to the local say rai ee ee even today, Example WP. and overseas. markets. Sunday and Monday, work from this periog i can be seen in the Cy The Prasident of the from 3-10 pm. prus Museum, Much was found i Engomi, eastern Cyprus including gold nec laces, rings, bracelets gold bowls and gold ear Chamber of Commerce and industry Mr Andteas Avraamides said the Association was now trying to tum Cy- prus into the centre for flow, of pr Us metal The President of HAT. (Cyprus) Lid, Mr Lellos Teeriotis, speaking af a press conference of the occasion of the Fourth Gold and SiWver Arts Exhibl- tion which opens the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia today. The Exhibition Is or- jarised by the Goldsmiths and Sitversmiths Association in cooperation with Benson & Hedger For the Test 4H years i aicl silverware. Theado Nie City of London Polyte ship of Gemological Assov'! lor Prestige Jewellery” “fitch is associated to Londen, Shap: 184 Onasagorou, Si¥fsin tl, 74131 Diploma. Worked for 3 years “Debeers” Participating in this year's Exhibition are the following Goldsmiths: M. Atoupas, 28 Onassagoras St., and 38 Makerice III Ave, K & L Haratambous, 184 Ledra St, Nicosia N. Constantinides, 184 Onassagoras St., Nicosia A, Hagiletitis, 122 Ledra St, Nicosia N. loannou, 79 Onassagoras St, 33 Makarios ti! Ave., Nicosia Pp 8. Kyriakou, 27A Sofocteous St., Nicosia G. Metaxas, 75 Aeschylus St, Nicosia P. Mameros, 48 St. George Makri, Larnace ‘A. Paphitis, 97 Ledra St, Nicosia B. Stephanides, 23 Makerios Ave., Nicosia (Chr. Diapouras, 19A Evagoras Ave., Nicosia. ‘AGE 17