PAGE 14 Not, 23-29, FASHION VERY WEARABLE, Vanity Fair Fashions at Lioness charity show YWERY FASHIONABLE A wave of nostalgia hit me last Wednes- day, but it had nothing to do with the Forties “ clothes being paraded on the Hilton cat- walk. Nostalgia might not be the right word, it was nota hankering for times past, but a sud- den flash-back to a time when Ledra Street was the main shopping centre. There were no more than half-a-dozen dress shops as they were called then, “fashion houses” appeared much later, and of these most have dis- appeared, changed hands or names, or branched out into different fields. Halfway down Ledra Street was “Vanity Fair, a narrow shop with clothes- racks lined up against the wall and cartons of swim- wear or knitwaar (de- ending on the season) jiled up on the floor, never making it to the dis- play shelves because cus- tomers were buying up the stuff before it was even unpacked, Larraine enjoys the Cyprus yse the qualities of agood fashion “buyer”. It is fagh- iom sense plus intuition ‘pIUS @ bUSInésswoman's knowledge of the market. It is the ability to visualise adress shown at a trade show on the average cus- tomer and to make a snap decision to order or not. It is not as easy as it sounds. winter sunshine in “a little black dress” with aspray of sequins at the waist and the skirt slit at the sides Success The secret of suc- cess, (and it was success because Vanity Pair” then moved into premises in Lloyed George Square, and then inte the present shop in Makarios II! Ave.) was entirely due to the . unerring eye for fashion of Haigouhi Layland, It is difficult to anal- “Everything must be wearable and it must be up to date” is Mrs, Lay- land's motto. Whatever she chooses she knows will and can be worn, and will look right up to the minute. Her Winter Collec tion for 1979/80 echoes the motto from casual se- parates to formal evening ensembles. 4 selection was shown to an appreciative audience at tha Hilton on Wednesday afternoon during a charity tea orga- nised by the Lioness Club of Nicosia-Kyrania in aid of the Eleousa Home for Handicapped Children Mrs. Layland, an old hand at fashion shows had flown in three models. from England and Karen, Ann and Lorraine mo- delled the clothes with impeccable style. Casual Daywear featured beautifully casual checked skirts teamed with silk shirts, knitted waistcoats and long card- igans, as well as smart corduroy suits in forest green, red and tan. There were also suits with collarless jackets and straight skirts im di- amond ‘stitched corduroy and dog-tooth checked velvet. There were sevaral useful sweater dresses in- cluding an attractive one in stripes in heather shades topped by a waist- coat with a flower design in the same colours, anda striking fuschia jersey with a geometric design in black, For evening the look was very feminine with an array of pretty dresses in crushed velvet in wins, silver gray and dark green. There were dresses and two-pieces with softly draped tops and easy skirts gathered into the waist. The Forties look was very prominent with padded shoulders, V- necks and soft gathers from the yoke or a side panel which started at the bust and ended at the hips. Colours were black, maroon, kingtisher-blue, fuschia and red, materials were crepe, flawer-woven silk and georgette. Eyecatchers Immaculate detailing caught the eye, long sleeves ending in a neat buttoned cuff, a diamond- shaped panel highlighted by sequins, an authentic Forties spray of sequins just above the waist, thin straps to bodices, and cardigan-style jackets to top the drasses. Eye-catchers in- cluded a crushed velvet dress in forest green with a sequinned top and a cardigan-jacket with short sleeves, some de- lightful “little black dresses in crepe, and a trio of dresses in red, each one with its own style, a rhinestone buckle em- phasising the Forties look, scalloping at collar and peplum top dressing up a simple shirtwaister. Trousers will also be worn for evening but in very feminine style, straight, in soft flowing materials, with Skimpy tops barely covered by loose jackets, im lace or see-through materials, The choice, as it al- waysis, with “Wanity Fair” was wide. There was something ta suit every- body's taste. With Ghrist- mas only a faw weeks away one can safely say that a pretty Forties-style dress in a soft material will take you practically anywhere, and for formal occasions it is a question of some glitter in the right places, shoe-string straps, softly bloused- tops with straight skirts or trousers and an impres- sive jacket on top, either lacey, glittery or flowing. Are you into Yoga? Do you jog, go to a keep-fit class or exer- cise regularly every morming? Have you taken up ballet, tennis or swimming recently? Most women will an- swer “yes” to at least one of these questions because everybody knows that an exer- cised body is a healthy body, and a healthy body usually means a good figure. But what about your face? Does it match that healthy, trim figure? Andi don't mean are you put- ting the right finishing touches to it, the masks, creams, toners, are you exercising your face? Facial muscles need just as much exercise as any body muscles. There is a general belief that a face never disturbed by any movement. be it frown or wide grin, will have a better chance of remaining smooth and unlined, Some beauti- cians still insist that any movement of the facial muscles will etch fine lines (wrinkles. to you) in- 14 your skin. Character There is also the op , posite belief thatthe more , you smile, lift your eye- 5 brows archly or poutpret- tily the Quicker you wil! acquire “character” lines Neither belief is true | Never use the mus-. clas of thefacaand there- . sult will be similar to what : would happen to your - body if you never exer- : Ann wears a show-stopping evening two-piece of tight trousers and long tunic top shot through with silver lu- rex thread. The tunic can be worn loose or belted al the Exercise your face it's good for you! cised it: loose skin, flabbi- ness and ageneral“dead” look. If you laugh just to acquire laughter-lines, beware. The tiny lines around mouth and eyes reveal all, if the smile is in- sincere you'll just end up with a mask-like “set smile. Why should one ex- ercise facial muscles? Be- cause the more you use the muscles of the face in any movement the stronger they become and the firmer and more contoured the skin looks. Circulation improves and so does skin texture and colour Weird faces What can be done about it? How does one exercise the face? You just have to learn how to exercise. If you are young and have no sags or hollows two or three minutes in front of the Mirror making outra- geaus faces should be e- nough, Make your lips into a hard O shape at the same time open your eyes wide and raise your fore- head. Then wrinkle the nose and open your mouth wide. Twist your mouth fram side to side and tightan the muscles in the neck. The possibili- ties are endless, the faces you make are father weird, so do it it all behind closed doors. For those of you who are 30 and above locate a problem area, loose flesh on jaw or chin, ora deve- loping hollow and work on specific muscles to counterbalance it, To locate an unused muscle “puton” your UsU- al face and look carefully into the mirror. Which muscles are being used? Work from the neck up, you'll soan feel the mus- cles which are flexing and the ones which are not. Now bring the opposite one into play, If there 5 pressure down, try an up- ward movement and $0 forth, lf you feel you just can't work out what's ten- sing and what is flabby then get yourseif a small battery-operated face ex erciser. A few sessions will tone out-of-work muscles and indicate the areas you have to can- centraie on. And just remember the next time you laugh oF smile if you don't mean it it will show. eater vteeteeeeed cea beaea eee