The Armenian com- munity of Cyprus lost three of its prominent members during tha week - a loss that will be deeply felt for many ye- ars to come. Berdge Tilbian, known by many in CGy- prus as “Mr. Kodak was for 20 years chairman of the Board of the Melko- nian Educational |nsti- tute in Nicosia, He was also president of the Cy- prus branch of the Arme- nian General Benevolent Union - a world-wide or- {ganisation which spon- sors schools, colleges and cultural establish- ments in every country where there are Armeni- ans. When Cyprus ac- quired independence, Mr. Tilbian became the first Armenian represen- tative in the Greek Cypri- ot Communal Chamber and later in the House of Representatives. He Started in busi- fess a5 a member of the family firm AY. Tilbian and Sons who have been the Kodak Agents on the island for more than 50 years. Later he branched into various lines, includ- ing property develop- ment, known and respected as one of the leading businessman of Cyprus. His funeral in Nico- sia was attended by the President of the Republic and Mrs. Kyprianou as wall as many prominent personalities from all over the island, Luther Sallakian was net born in Cyprus yet he was a true Cypriot who loved the island that gave him and his family hospitality when they ar- OBITUARY THREE PROMINENT ARMENIANS DIE rived here as refugees in 1922—survivors of the massacre of Armenians in Asia Minor. Five years later he was a teacher in the Eng- lish School, Nicosia, where he served until 1972. But he never really retired, he became ca- reers adviser to thun- dreds of boys and girls whom he had taught on- ly so recently. A great sportsman, Mr. Sallakian also kept very close con- tact with his former stu- dents and maitained a keep Interest in their pro- fessional and social lives. On the very day he died he had attended “Founders Day” at the English School and watched the games dedi- cated to Canon Newham, who had started the Sehoot in 1900. Both in the morning and the afternoon, Mr. Sallakian met a large number of his former students. He ramem- bered them all by name and little incidents con- nected with their time in the School For his great contri- bution ta education he was awarded the MBE two years ago. Adourlan came to Cyprus in the early 30's when his fami- ly Moved here from El Obeid in Sudan, Harout After graduating from the English School in 1942 he worked for many years with the Ni- cosia firm of 0.G. Chak- arian Ltd, and later started his own imports and commission agency. Known to his many friends in all walks of life as “Bing” because of his fich baritone voice, he was dearly loved by all communities in the ss- land. Harout Adourian’s great love for sport also ingluded hunting and it was during a hunting trip in the mountaing that he collapsed and died.