island. Diamantis, 79, was born and educated in Ni- cosia and later studied at the Royal Collage of Artin London. He has spent most of his life teaching art and has often been heard to say: “| have always beena teacher at heart. But dur- ing the past 50 years he has been obsessed by a ] vision - The World of Cy- prus. In spite of this, how- ever, it was not until 1967 that he started his colos- sal work which he aptly called “The World of Cy- prus”. Friends and fellow artists who have known him well have a different opinion. For them the panorama which stretches over 17 metres, is in fact the personal world of Diamantis as he has fitted into it nearly 100 figures painted and sketched from real life. This major work is now the property of the U- niversity of Thessaloniki and the exhibition at the Mall Gallery will be the second time it will be on public show. The exhibition, spon- sored by the Anglo- Cypriot Society, will also include a large number of Diamantis’ early works, some of them dating back to his student days. It will coincide with a display at the British Mu- seum of important ar- chaelogical treasures from Cyprus which op- ened this weekend and will rum until next March. Speaking about his work, Diamantis has said: “| will remain faithful to my world as long as it ex- ists, as long os it is true ‘WORLD OF CYPRUS’ GOES TO LONDON Leading Cypriot painter Adamantos Diaman- tis opens a retrospective exhibition of his works at the Mall Gallery, London, next Wednesday. It will remain open until December 10, and will bring to- gether the greater part of paintings of his beloved painter, Philospher. and alive and continues to inspire my respect. In the past, especially the very recemt past, he has been most reluctant to spend time in arrang- ing exhibitions. teacher, The face of Cy price “| can no longer shoulder my canvases, my easel and my paints and go traipsing over hills and fields. | fae! | am too old for that, and yet | also feel that | must paint. | have so little time left and there is still so much to paint, he is known to have said.