Unskilled Indian workers sent home Unskilled Indian workers amployed by tha Hellenic Mining Gom- pany have been repatriat- ed following protests by Cypriot labour unions. A survey will be conducted among the other Indian workers to determine the extent of their skill and whether their stay is war- ranted, The Hellenic Mining Company has employed some three dozen Indian workers in the construc- tion of its fertiliser facto- ry, 4@ project that will require total investment exceeding £12 million. Following consulta- tlans at the Ministry of La- bour, eight of the foreign workers had their em- ployment terminated as from Monday. The trade unions un- dertook to provide the re- quired raplacememt staff, Arab leaders send messages Arab leaders ex- changed goodwill mes- sages with President Spyros Kyprianou while flying over Cyprus on their way to Tunis to take part in a summit confer- ence of the Arab League. Among those who sent messages were Pres- idant Abdul Fattah Ismail of tha People’s Damocrat- i¢ Republic of Yemen, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahayaan of the United Arab Emirates and Presi- dent Elias Sarkis of Le- banon. The Minister of Interior Mr Christodoulos Veniamin handing the keys to some of the refugees who will be moving Inionewly completed houses atZyghi refu- gee settlement. The Minister of Education, Dr Chrysosiomos Soflanos, has returned from a six-day visit to Bulgaria. He said at Larnaca alrport that his visit and talks with Bulgarian officials had opened the way for closer cooperation be- tween the two countries In the fields of education and culture. He also announced thal anew protocol on cul- tural cooperation would be concluded between Cy- prus and Bulgaria soon, An agreement has been signed in Nicosia fora loan of § million dollars to the Cyprus Development Bank from Grindlays Brandts Ltd of London. The loan, which has a Cyprus government guarantee, will be used for investment in pro- ductive projects. It will be repayable over ten years. In the picture (from | tor), Mr X. Clerides, legal adviser to Grindlays, Mr Chr. Stephami, of the Central Bank, the Finance Minister Mr A. Afxentiou, MrT. Ingrams, General Manager of Grindlays and Mr |. loannides, General Manager of the Cyprus Develop- ment Bank. Envoy to iceland Mr Tassos Panay- ides, the island's High Commissioner in Lon- don, has presented his credentials as Cyprus’ Ambassador to iceland to President Kristjan Eld- jarn. They discussed the Cyprus stuation and in particular the problems of the refugees and missing persons. Grapes galore More than 105 million okes of grapes have been delivered to wine manu- facturers this year. The Vine Products Board said the deliveries were com- pleted on November 12. The total amount of grapes reached 105,727, 302 okes, compared with 105,055,224 okes last ye- ar. Fishing banned at Limassol Fishing permits in parts of Limassol have been suspended follow- ing the discovery af dead fish suspected te have been poisoned. An announcement said the fishing Depart- ment was investigating the problem of sea poltu- tion at the old harbour and had come to the con- clusion that this affected only the area stretching fram the Amathus Hotel to the Ladies Mile. It said a certain num- ber of substances had been located that could have caused the pollution and tests were being car- ried out in cooperation with the government la- boratory Fish in other areas has not been affected, it added. Refugees move to Zyghi Settlement The Minister of the Interior Mr Christodoulos Veniamin handed the keys to 19 refugee families who are moving into the first houses to be com- pleted atanew government refugee settlement at Zyghi, on the southern coast. In ail, the settlement will comprise 92 houses as wallas ashopping cen- tre, It willbe completed by the end of the year. Mr Veniamin™@id the refugees: “By providing these houses, it does not mean we are creating for you conditions of perma- nent stay here. These are only temporary arrange- ments to make your ac- commedation more comfortable during the period you will be away fram your homes. Your permanent houses are those you were forced ta abandon and that is where you will be return- ing one day”. . The Director of the * House Planning Depart- ment Mr. loannides said employment opportuni- ties at the néw settlement were good because the Hellenic Mining Compan- y's fertiliser plant would be erected in the area. Court clears weekend driver A man who violated the weekend motoring re- gulations to report a fellow villager, for violating the ban was cleared by the Nicosia District Court. The Court was told that when intercepted by the Police, the accused, Andreas Kyriakou, a 40 yearold mechanic of Korakou, said that his vie telephone was out of order and he was going to vrykhou po- lice station to report his fellow villager, Andreas * Hadjiandreas who had been seen driving an “even” numbered car, whereas this was not allowed that weekend. The incident happened on Septemper 16. There was evidence that the accused had tried earlier to use the focal phone box at the village without suc- cess, Judge Sotos Stavrinides said the accused's be- haviour was intended “to serve public interest. He was discharged uncenditionally. The case against Hadjiandras will be heard on December 5. ARMENIA WEEK OPENS MONDAY The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Andreas Papageorghiou, will Inaugurate the “Ar- menia Week” exhibition at the Soviet Cultural Centre, Nicosia on Monday evening. The exhibition is designed ta reflect the achievements and progress of the Arme- nia SSR during the past 60 years and will lay special emphasis on science and technolo- gy. Apart from the axhib- its on show there will be a wide variety of displays in pictures, posters, colour slides and films on what Armenia looks like, what ils people have achieved, how they lived in the past and how they live now. Earlier in the week, a planeload of exhibits ar- rived by air in more than 50 crates and most of the contents are already placed in the exhibition hall of the Soviet Cantre. These include hand- Made carpets which are among the most valuable inthe world. Other exhib- its range from electrical and scientific instruments to watches and the world- renowned Armenian brandy. Armenia is one of the 15 sovereign republics of the USSR, and although it is one of the smallest countries within the So- viet Union, it has become an important scientific centre, and prominent foreign visitors have de- scribed it as “a country of builders”. Mr. Leonid Sarou- khanian, Director of the Scientific and Technical Information Research In- stitute of Armenia, told the Cyprus Weakly: “Through this exhibitten_y we are merely opening a window into our country. What we would like you to dois to come over and see for yourselves. This is our Way of thanking the Cyp- riot people far its hospi- tality and to tell you that you will be more'than wel- come in Armenia”.