U.N. Committee on Cyprus urged

and Bangladesh). “The General Assembly, having considered the ques- tion of Gyprus, recalling its Resolution 3212 of 1 Novem- ber 1974 and its subsequent Resolutions, “Mindful of the principle of the inadmissibility of ac- quisition of territories by for- ce, “Recalling the idea of helding an international con- ference on Cyprus, “Greatly concerned over the prolongation of the Cy- prus crisis, which poses a se- fidus threat to intemational peace and security, “Deeply regretting that the Riesoloutions of tne UN on Cyprus have not yet bean implemented, “Welcoming the Ten- Point agreement of 19 May 1979, Deep Concern “Expressing deep con- cern ower the lack of prog- ress in the inter-communal talks. —Depioring the continu: éd presence of foreign armed forces and foreign military personnel on the tarritory of the Republic of Cyprus and ithe fact that part of its territo- ry i8 Still occupied by foreign forces, Deploring also unilater- al actions that change the demographic structure of Fyprus, U.N. Committee on Cyprus urged The following is the text of the raso- lution on Cyprus adopted by the LIN General Assembly this week after a four- day debafe. The UN says the resolution was adopted by 99 votes in favour, five against (Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangiadesh and Djibouti) and 35 absten- tions. Bui the Cyprus government insists that the vote was: 101 in favour and four against (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan “Mindful of the need to settle the question of Cyprus without further delay by Peaceful means in socor- dance with the provisions of the Charter of the United Na- tions and the relevant United Nations Resolutions, “4. Reiterates its tull Support for the sovereignty, independence, territorial in- tegnity, unity and non- alignment of the Republic of Cyprus and calls once again for the cessation of all for- sign interference in its af- fairs: “e. Expresses its sup- port for the Ter- Point Agree- ment of 19 May 1979, concluded under the au- spices of the Secretary- General: “3. Affirms the nght of the Republic of Cyprus and its people to full and effective sovereignty and contral over the entire territoery of Cyprus and i1$ natural and other re- sources and calls upon all States to support and help the Government of Cyprus to exercise the above- mentioned rights: “4. Demands the imme- diate and effective imple- mentation of General Assembly Resolution 3212 unanimously adopted by the General Assembly and en- dorsed by ithe Security Council in its Resolution 365 (1974) of 13 December 1974, and of the subsequent reso- lutions of the Assembly and the Council on Cyprus, which provide the valid basis for the solution of the prob- lem of Cyprus: “S. Demands the imme- diate withdrawal of alf ftor- sign armed forces and foreign military presence from the Re public of Cyprus: 6. Requests the Secretary-General to contin- ué to provide his good offices for the negotiations between the representatives of the two communities . “7. Calls for respect of the human rights of all Cypri- ‘ats and the instituting of ur- gent measures for the wolumary return of the retu- gees totheir homes in safety 8. Calls for the urgent FESuMphon in @ meaningful, result-orientated and con- structive manner of the ne- dotratians under ine auspices of ihe Secretary- General Setween the repres- entatves. of the dw communities. to be conduct: ec freely on an equal footing on tne basis of the Agres- ment of19 May 1979. with a view to reaching as early as Passible, a mutually sccant- able agreement based on ther fundamental ane lagiti- Mate nights “9. Calls upan the part- 18s Concerned to refrain from any ufulatéeral action which meght adversely affect the Prospects of a just and last- ing solution of the problem of Cyprus by peaceful means and to cooperate fully with the Secretary-General in the performance of his task un- der the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and the Security Council a5 well as with thé United Nations Peace-Keeping Force in Cy- Prus: Demilitarization “10. Welcomes the Proposal for the total demili- tarization of Cyprus: “T1, Aeiterates its rec- ommendation that the Secu- rity Counc should examine the question of the imple- mentation, within 4 specified time-frame, of its relevant resolutions and consider and adept thereafter, if neces- sary. all appropriate ane wasted measures underthe harter of the United Ng- - tions for ensuring the speedy and eifective implementation of the resolutions of the Unit- ed Nations on Cyprus: “12, Requests the Secretary-General to report to the General Assmebly by 31 March 1980 on the prog- ress achieved in the negotia- fons between the two communities on the basis of the Agreement of 15 May 1979 13. Authorizes the President of the T hirty- fourth Session of the General Assembly. in the event that the Secretary-General re Ports lack of progress in ihe above-mentioned negotig- wong. TO appoint an Ad Koc Committees cOrposed of no more than sevan Member States: ‘Id, Aagquests the Ad Hoc Committe to maintain contact with tne Secretary General in his tasks of facili- taling the successful conclusion of the negetia- trons between the two com- munities: “15. Further requests the Ad Hoc Committees, in consultation with the Secrétary-General, to rec- ommend Steps for and prom- ote the implementation of all the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly on Cy- Prius, “16, Decides to include the item entitled Question of Cyprus in the provisional agenda of its 36th session and requests the Secretary General to follow up the im plementation of the praesent resolution and to fepert on all its aspects to the General Assembly at that session.