Pitrs TURKS CALL Me EERO TF IT HARMFUL UNREALISTIC Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktagh has described this week's General Assembly resoly- ‘tion on Cyprus as “unrealistic” and served notice that his community “will not be bound by this res- olution. At the same time another Turkish Cypriot official, Mr Cagatay, stat- ed that the Turkish side will announce “measures against the resolution af- ter making an appraisal of the situation. Mr Denktash was speaking after meeting delegations from villages who, according to Radio Bayrak, had come to Ni- cosia to protest against the UN decision. Mr Denktash told them that the future of Cyprus would have to take into account the “ex- change of population” that took place in 1975. He also said that the “partnership” between the two communities should take the form ofa “bizonal settlement’. In earlier statements, ” the Turkish Cypriot lead- er claimed that the As sembly resolution was a “defeat for the Greek Cypriots”, though he did not explain why. He added that the resolution “contravened” the agreements con- cluded at high-level meat- ings would not contribute to a Cyprus settlement, but would harm the chances of a settlamant through talks,