New Resolution strongest ever

New Resolution “strongest ever” Greek Cypriots have generally welcomed the latest UN resolution on Cyprus as a big boost to their efforts to get “practical measures” and even sanctions against Turkey. As President Spyros Kyprianou said in a statement, the Cyprus government intends todo everything possibie to utilize this resolution for the benefit of our national cause. He described it as “undoubtedly the strongest resolution passed 80 far by the United Nations”. The Foreign Minister, Mr Nicos Aolandis, an- nounced at the and of the General Assembly debate that UN Secretary Gener- al Kurt Waldheim would be making a frash attempt fo reconvene the stalem- ated intercommunal talks “by late January or early February”. _ Mr Rolandis, who flew back to the island last night, was speaking after conferring with Mr Wald- heim in New York. He remarked: “To be frank, | did not expect that we would get so many posi- tive votes”. The major new ele- ment in this years Cyprus rasolution is the authari- sation it gives to the Presi- dent of the UN Assembly tO appoint an ad hoc com- mittee on Cyprus if there is nO progress in the talks by the end of March, Another important alement is the backing it gives to the Cyprus gov- arnment in its claim toex- ercoe control and sovereignty over the en- tira territory of Cyprus and its natural and other resources. The UN resolution goes as far as tocallonall states to help the Cyprus government to exercise Such rights. President Kyprianou is expected to fly to Ath-= ens inthe next tew days to consult with Greek Pre- mier Gonstantine Kara- manlis on future moves. In his statement, the President said: “This res- olution not only interna- tionalises the Cyprus problem further, which wes our aim, but also out- lines developments to fol- low Moral Force “This resolution gen- erally strengthens our po- sitions im the ditficult slruggle we are waging and there should be no al- tempt to under-estimate its value. “We are aware that the Cyprus problem can- not be solved automati- cally by the UN decisions, but these resolutions have a strong moral for- ce. He added: “Lat us nat forget that in our struggle we absolutely need the support of the interna- tional community’. Mr Kypriamou thanked all countries which had sup- ported Cyprus. There was some con- fusion as to how many countrias voted against the resolution. An official press release said that al- though there were five originally, one of them, Djibouti, later stated in writing that “it had voted against by mistake and asked to be considered as absent At the same time, Malta and tlvory Coast which were absent made a written declaration to the effect that if they had been present in the As- sembly they would have voted in favour.