ONGOING VERBAL CHAOS Britain's Peers of the Realm are lamen- ting the “deterioration of the English lan- guage” and say Amer- cans are among Its worst abusers. “Unless we do something about this, the deterioration will, ‘worsen or, In modem usage, escalate,” Lord Kings Norton said in opening a debate on the subject in the House of Lords. “A great deal of long-windedness and ambiguity which is creeping into the usage originated in America,” Lord Kings Norton said. “There is a trans- atlantic liking for Jonger words — “apartment” for “flat,” “assignment” for “Job and “location” for “place”. Peaple no long- er have a good or bad re- cord they have good or bad track records. Lord Kings Norton said he learned during Pope John Paul II's visit to Mexico “that in Mexi- eo City there is “an on- going chaos situation,” which meant, he sup- posed, “a continuing hell. No mention was made of “The Cyprus Weekly”. ree