MECCA GUNMEN CAUGHT Mast of the gunmen seizing the Grand Mosque in Mecca have been arrested and only a few are still holding out in the sacred compound, | Saudi information Minis- ter Mohammed Abdo Ya- mani daclared last night. In a broadcast on Saudi radio, Yamani said the situation was under complete contral and “the affair of the Grand Mosque is expected to end soon”. “The group could have been flushed out any moment had we not been concerned for the lives of innocent maoaslems Ya- mani added, but made no mention of the fate of the hostages, or the number of gunmen arrested. He said Saudi Arabia, which takes the Koran, Is- lam's holy book, as its law, “will nét-tolerate any seditious act, and will not - be lenient with any group provoking such acts,