PAGE 16 “YUU. OU-EE. Uy 1919, ARMENIA WEEK — The haunting lilt of Armenian music echoed in the halls of the Soviet Cultural Centre in Nicosia this week as thousands went to see an exhibition of cultural, scientific and technical progress in So- viet Armenia during the past 60 years. Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr. Andreas Papageorghiod who inau- gurated the exhibition, later wrote in the FRUS WEEKLY PACE 17 ARING SUCCESS onhistory, science, litera ‘ture and almost ethereal miniature _illuminations, one of the few formsof Art ‘which have defiantly sur vived centuries of devas- tation under the heal of waves of invaders lam proud An old Armenian who spent several days at the TH e ate GEORGIA, en1waKALarl visitors’s book: “I am truly impressed by - 5 wean 1, SEEN ‘exhibition said “I cannot h i i we enya believe my ayes. 1 saw the display which reflects Soviet Armeni— : on ee oi ou, any was dé- a’s tremendous progress in all fields. |am certain it will further enhance the rela- tions of our two peoples who are so closely linked”. vastated by the Turks, its people massacred, and ‘those who survived driven into the desert of Mesapo- tamia. Many died on the ‘way, others were slaugh- tered by bands of ma- rauding brigands. | saw it allwith my eyesandtoday 1 Bee this. Itis impossible, 1 cannot tell you what 1 Earlier, he was strong historical and warmly applauded as sentimental ties, and he declared: “We have praised the contribu- tion to Cyprus of “this small put Progressive feel, but one thing | know. juctir com- - = Jam proud”. munity which works 7 ‘ ‘ . 5 . - hard but quietly forte DF. Yurekhoclamiran, Depuy- Chairman of tha State Planing Comittee of aa : vidng'ices ate word, most Armoniens who thelrcolege and welfare of all theinhab- @ Armenian SSR (right) tells Minister of Commerce and Industry, Andres i x ving i wen wh 9 Lenin Square in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. The buildings arepartofthe ° government administrative complex. with the present display is. ' merely open a window ¥ Papageorghlou, about the high reputation tha! ‘| ag * Armenians were the first could afford to give their ty education in Yeravan. to merely itanta of the island a fraught tnewora Attar iets Hren! Grigoren, ine Commerc seunsohey } 5 : 3 paople to adopt Chris- children higher edueation Another prominent _frto our country. Whatwe community which of the Soviet embassy. ‘ - ‘ 6 fianity astheirnationalre- had to send them to uni- Armenian official who Would like you to do is to shared our moments of come and see for your through the two halls and ligion and establish the versities in Europe. Now, came to Cyprus with the imagination, creative Prominently display- ever state church. as rabies selves. You will be more happingss a well a al large oom inthe utr power andworkingsbilty 9d. are five magniticant ‘The coat of the supreme prose Khodjamiriantold a genio panian” Birecrar than welcome in Arme- ineludes a of the Armenian people.A hand-made carpets, all of it . a nia” . Thanking the Min. '™0st_ interesting, wide similar exhibition is cur- them of different styles end! ofthe Argienion 18 OPARIAg of the ee eee emmnenent K Ie Variety of goods and pro: rently taki Chureh is still in Etchmi- tion, large numbers of Techni Information He and Dr. Khodjam! ister, the Deputy- Gicte whan rehect te ray taking place in Pa- and designs, that make adzin, near Yerevan the students from Eastern —Reserarch Institute in rian, assisted by their Chalnnan of the State thoy among ine nny capital, Europe, Asia, the Middle Yerevan. Ha told the Cy- team of helpers, showed inning Commi i East and Africa receive We “Our aim diplomats, members of of the Armenian SSR, : coveted and valuable in Envied, persecuted, prus Weekly: iP Parliament and the reli- gious and civic teaders of the Armenian community a well-spaced pictorial display of a cross-section of life in Armeni uments, housing estates, its industry and achieve- ments as well as its promi- nent personalities in the fields of Arts and sciences. To coincide with the massacred, the Armeni- ans went through their worst ordeal in the first quarter of the present ‘century when more than ‘one-and-a-half million were massacred by the Turks. How many more died in the Inaccassible interior, is not known. It was then that the prominent French writer, Anatole France, said: * Dr. Yuri Khodjamirian. thewortd, underlined that the show was meraly a li- mited demonstration ‘of his country’s prog- pena ress in the fields of in- a Other exhibits range from electrical and scien tific instruments to exqui- site crystal bowls, decanters and tumblers, . diamond-cutting instru: ments and appliances, si- Ancient designe adapted ver cutlery, clocks, !0 modern ceramics make textiles and thread, awide fascinating wall decora- variety of mineral waters, tons. foodstutt and the world: dustry, construction, agriculture, science, technology and cul- ture. ‘Carpets Sisie renowned Armenian peaple who do not want display in the Soviet Cui- Dr. Yurl_Khodjamirian, -# brandies and wines. to die will never die, What a tural Centrethereisalso a Deputy-Chalrman af the The exhibition, afte- L. wok Be T little is left of Armenian ae series of film shows, and a State Planning Commit- —tionately named Arme. =e Vo a ES the ben eee An blood is priceless. Arme- f group of artists are togive tee of Soviet Armenia. nia Week, spreads The ancient temple of Garni. under the weight of books nia is dying but it will re A at performances in Nicosia vive, It did. Armenia today is one of the 15 sovereign republics ofthe USSR, and although it is among thesmallest coun- hi: tries within the Soviet Un- lon, it has become an Partof the large crowd that atiendedthe opening atar- important scientific cen- Dr. Yurl Khodjamirian and the Soviet ambassador Mr. mania Week. In centre is Rev. Aznavourian, Viear- 2. Aslavin greet the minkter of Commerce and Industry General of the Armenian community. Mt. Ararat and Mrs, Andreas Papageorghiou as they arrive for the ‘opening ofthe Armenian exhibition at the Soviet Cuttu- it is @ mountainous —_ral Centre, Nicosia, country and the legend goes that God stood on Mount Ararat during the creation of the world. He mixed earth and water, sifted the mass, and poured the clean and soft garth on one side and all the stones on the other. And that, Armenians still say, is where Armenia now lies, bordered by Goorgia and Azerbaidjan in the west and the north, and by Turkey and Iran in ‘the south and the east. The capital, Yerevan, with its present popula- |) tion of just over one- |} million, is one of the most ancient cities in the world, itis of thasameageas Ba- bylonand Rome, founded during the Urartian peri- ‘od of Armenian history in the 8th century BC. ‘Until the country came under Soviet rule,