FASHION With LANA MATOFF Brightly coloured arrows march up a V-necked aweater in blue, and a stylised knickerbocker glory is worked on a light pink sweater. The entire Cinderella story including the coach and horses, glass slipperandtairy godmother embroidered ona white sweater. tral ' muster if it's tight when Every Sweater a Picture Something new had to happen to sweaters and cardi- gans. In Europe (un- like Cyprus) a sweater is a basic item of any wardrobe up to ten months a year. It can be an ex- tremely dull gar- ment, bought in -, haste for colour not y style to wear with something else. It's a safe choice to be dragged or pulled on in the morning when one’s late and ther’ is no timete think fashionably. It might be long, short, loose or tight, that being about as imaginative as the variations go, it's neu- enough to pass the season's line is bul- ky and full, or vice- versa. If it’s a long-term investment im cash- mere or camelhair it can be classic polo- neck or even twin-set traditional and nobody will give a second look. As for cardigans they 4re the casual cover-ups orthe extra insulation one usés when suit-jacket or blazer don't go or are not enough. Dependent The customer in the fashion businass is abso- lutely dependent on de- signers and manutacturers. One can complain about a lack of choice, take up home knitting, make do with what's around bul except for the gifted few no-one will sit down and whip up something original. The something origi- nal hasat last come on the scene. And whats more the New Sweater and New Cardigan are something that can be whipped up at home. Firat, the sweater. Ba- sically simple, round or V- neck, long ar short sleeves, in wool and ac- rylic or one of the soft mo- hair or boucle wools. That's as far as any simi- larity with the sweater as we know it goes. The New Sweater is knitted or em- broidered in bold patt- erns. The Walt Disney and nursery designs used on little-girl and litthe-boy knitwear AoW appear as giant knickerbocker glo- ries, abstract pop art, multi-coloured arrows, geometric motifs all blown up adult-size in brilliant colours on basic white, black or the green, fuschia and blue of this season's colour. Brighten up Easy to copy Anyone who has mastered Fair-isle, com- plicated embroidery or ta- pestry work can create their own designs with squared paper, and it's a marvellous way Of using up bits and pieces ot odd wool, The basic idea is easy to copy. Starting with the simplest designs, arrows or diamonds can be knit- ted in, marching up the front of a sweater, from there itis easy to progress to a two-colaur abstract design or simple motif and then it's just a matter of experimenting. A fa- yourlté design in London | includes the entire Cin derella story, golden coach and horses, a slip- per, fairy godmother, glass and all, Glitter and beads The new Cardigan is 8ven easier io tackle. To be quite frank the idea is not as original as all that, 4 A football player Is knitted into a loose sweater with crew neck. a Cardigan Gold feather and acorn design on black for an attrac: tive cardigan. the Walians have been producing classic luxury ambroidered cardigans for ages, and there is a shop in Regent Street in London that has had the same display of expen- sive flower embroidered tops for decades. The di- mensions however, are new: instead of itsy-bitsy Marguerites and sun- Spray beading, embroid- ery is bold, large gald leaves on black, feathers. circlas, diamonds. These embroidered cardigans have been modellad with anything from jeans to velvet evening skirts. They can be worn over shirts, evening blouses or sparts vests With sa many even- ing dresses this winter be- ing bare-backed and strappy topped it would seem practical as well as fashionable to up-date a basic cardigan in a light, soft wool with some bright embroidery, bead ing of piping with gold or silver, ' The secret is notte be modest or conservative, splash it on for real effect.