WINTER Snow-covered Troodos. Many people will be visiting it at the weekend for sightseeing and even skiing if more snow falls. Snow blocks Troodos roads Winter arrived suddenly in Cyprus this week, with Troodos carpeted by more than a foot of snow and the police warning that only vehicles with four wheel drive or chains should attempt to use the mountain roads. Many of them were blocked, while others were made hazardous by ice as Ri the temperature dropped to freezing and “ bitterly-cold northern winds swept ac- ross the entire island. Big Suprise Rarely does such weather come to Cy- prus so early in the winter months. Last ye- ar there was remarka- bly fittla snow, but if the temperatures remain as low and further falls of snow come as fore- cast, the ski-ing season should get off to a fast start. Already hotels in the mountains have reported numerous enquiries from people anxious to head upwards with their skis. Said the manager of the Fereos Gafe im Troo- dos: “The area is almost deserted at the moment, but if the right conditions prevail we can expect crowds at the weekend. Snow Ploughs While most people were caught by suprise, it seems the British service- men manning the Trao- dos radar station were prepared and went around the area the previ- ous day warning the lo- cals snow was on its way. Commented the cafe ma- nager: “They even brought up a couple of Show ploughs, they were so confident”, 4 team of RAF tech- nicians came to the res- cue of two men trapped at the Dolphin Restaurant. Said Mr Charalambos Charalambides, who ma- nages the Tourism Orga- nisation restaurant: “Id called the authorities to clear the 300-metre stretch of road but they didn't show up. Then the RAF came in the evening with their snow plough”. In Nicosia, Limassol, Larmaca and Paphos the temperatures were only a couple of degreas above freezing point yesterday —causing a rush to buy néw gas cylinders for fires, and householders turning on their central- heating systems. S!