Franco's Hand Behind Axis Intrigue in S. America

rrice Une riastr Franco’sHand Behind Axis Intrigue in S. America Says U.S. Report NEW YORK, Wed.—The U.S.A. report to the UNO Security Council’s Committee on General Franco’s regime, issued here on Monday night,de- clares that the Spanish Economy is “totally inadequate for waging war either offensively or defensively against a major power’. In a detailed review of 52 pages of evidence on the charges made by the Polish delegation - that the Franco regime was endangering world peace - the U.S. Govt. also condemns the ‘‘non- cooperative attitude” of General Franco’s Govt. in the efforts to repatriate consid- erable nnmbers of obnox- ious Germans from Spain. RELIEF PLANES - The. report reveals that troop carriers with passenger capacity of 974 will leave New York for Bilbao in June, and expresses hope that sufficient repatriates will be made available by the Franco regime. The Ameriean Embassy in Madrid, however, reports that there is no information on Germans in Spain who: might be capable of direct- ing the manufacture of new implements of war, or high- grade scientific research. US. Govt.’s report states: “Apart from unconfirmed reports that one uranium mine may bein production, the U.S. Govt. has no evid- ence. confirming the rum- oured activities in Spain, relating to the production of atomic energy”. POOR ARMYI It describes the Spanish arm- ed forces as lacking mater- ial and trained personnel to fight a modern war and Spain’s capacity for waging informed’’, adds the report. “Previous estimates which set the total of German as- sets in Spain at between 100 and 200 hundred million dol- lars must therefore be re- vised’’. The report declares: “Nat- ionalist Spain, from its be- ginning up to the present day, has fomented Nazi fas- cist influence in the -West- erm hemisphere. Spanish dip- } lomatic officials and persons in Spanish quasi-official or- ganisations have, for years, been encouraging groups in other American republics which opposed inter-Ameri- can unity against the Axis, during the war, and which still strive to perpetuate the principles of the Axis system in the new world”. (R) GIRAL’S CASE . MEXICO CITY, Tues.— Jose Giral, Prime Minister of the Spanish Republican Govt. in fexile, left by air for New York today, carrying a 400-page dossier dealing with Franco’s alleged Falange activities in America. The documents which were hurriedly compiled and trans- { lated over the weekend, will be presented before the Secur- ity Council’s sub-committee, with the object of proving that Franco’s. regime is a danger to world security. (R) ATYOUE? 1 { Sv eNR UN — war as limited by the inad- . equacy of war materials, inadequate industrial facilit- ies and poor transportation. ' The Report estimates that German property in Spain of which the U.S. had know- ledge, totals about 95 million : dollars. “Tt is quite likely that there isalarge amount of German hidden property of which the U.S. Govt. is not