PRE Nee ee —_? =f 'TtT~ COMMONS DISCUSS EGYPT, POLES & APOLOGIES — LONDON, Wed.—Mr. Ernest Bevin told the House of Commons today that those Polish Forees under British Command who did not wish to return to Poland would be demobilised as quickly as possible and arrangements would be made for their resettlement in civilian life, either in Gt. Britain or elsewhere. Those abroad would he’ brought to Gt. Britain, be- — | ginning with those in Italy, ‘|and thev would be enrolled in aspecially created Re- ‘| settlement Corps. This would ‘}be a British organisation, and would for convenience ‘|be administered by British _| officers. Enrolment in this Corps would give an assured siatus to its members. The Corps would be an essentially transitional arran- gement designed to facilitate the transition from civil to military life. They would therefore be discharged from the Polish Armed Forces and enrolled in the Resettle- ment Corps with a view to: transfer to civil life as soon as possible.