ESN SEE SE Re ITALY WORKED HER PASSAGE : Says Bevin LONDON, Wed.—Mr. Bevin said in the Commons today: “We promised Italy under the '| Coalition Govt. that if she worked her passage | we would take that into account.” - “Italy has worked her | passage and I have to take |that into account.’’ |_ Mr. Bevin was answering | Prof. Savory (Con.) referring |to the decision of the South Tyrol, who asked if Mr Bevin {was aware that every histor- ian had advanced the in- justice of the clause in the Treaty of St. Germain under which 250,000 Tyrolese were handed over to Italy. Mr: Bevin replied that it was not a purely ethnic ques- tion. In all these considera- tions if there was to be peace in Europe economics had got to be taken into account as well. Sir Ronald Ross (Con.) asked: ‘In considering the fate of this Community did those concerned apply the principles of self - determina- Se tion ?.” Mr. Bevin: “Not strictly, and as a matter of fact sometimes the peoples of Europe are so intermixed that this question of self- determination on strict frontiers is a very difficult thing to apply.” Re AR ee