“fas possible. 3| EGYPTIAN -| RIOTS >} LONDON, Wed—Sunday’s riots in Alexandria and _pre- vious disturbances, in which British Military lorries were atacked and some troops lost their lives, were the subject of questions in the House today. . 7 Mr. Bevin said all the evidence in the possesion of the British military Autho- rities had been communi- cated to the Egyptian Autho- rities, who had been pressed to bring those responsible to justice. NO APOLOGY The question of action ,{against the Governor of. _| Alexandria was one for the || Egyptian Govt. The question _{of a public apology had sot: been discussed. SRN US Sm ed whether it was not in accord with world diplo- matic practice that -when ‘jnationals had been murdered ‘| the government of the country ‘|concerned tenders a full apology? Could Mr. Bevin jstate what steps were prop- |osed to punish those guilty. Mr. Bevin replied: “‘I have been pressing the Egyptian Govt. for the apprehension of those responsible, which I have regarded as the most important thing to do.” . >| Lord Winterton (Con.) ask- L