The Cyprus Stand at the Ideal Home Ex FAMED WINES ition at Olympia, London. An attractive girl in traditional costume is in attendance. OF CYPRUS A IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION Londoners Sample JFAMED wines of Cyprus—produce of an industry which existed thousand of τς ago in the island and which today employs about one-fiith of its population—are again being displ jdeal Home Exhibition et Olympia, London. ‘The which has done so much to boost the sale of Cyprus atranged for a number of well-known firms of wine-importers to provide three J in the international section of this year's prus Viticultural Board, ines in recent years, has four free tastings of these wines every day on the government stand, How It these tastings are being attended —and enjoyed—— by British and overs ‘ors to the exhibition was observed by a Cyprus Pictorial representative who sited the stand on March 5. PRODUCE OF ABUNDANT SUNSHINE ‘yprus wines are of three types —Table Wines, Sherries and the Comman- The natural red wines vary from those made for local tastes— dark tringent wincs to accompany the highly-flavoured local dishes—to a more delicate style, lighter in colour and body but strong in alcohol, The grapes always have high sugar content due to abundant sunshine and the type of grapes grown. The local rosé known in the island as Kokkinellj is a particularly successful wine, deep in colour, dry and full bodied. When iced it can be drunk with And Praise The almost any food. It is made by 4 traditional method whiel of the coloration from the skins. The white wines, which are never acid, have a characteristic wn. yprus table wines are cheaply priced and are wonderfull value. The best Cyprus sherries can compete in quality with any othe Commonwealth and there is a large variety to choose from for all INDUSTRY'S LINK WITH CRUSADES Conditions in Cyprus are particularly suitable for the product: vines of which Commandaria the best known. It is so naf ated in the Grande Commanderie, an area ruled by the kni ing times, and is probably the oldest named wine still in It is produced in certain of the mountain vill: 7 ‘The best Commandaria is made of a mi: white being about 10 per cent of the total, but the colour of the! from a bright red to dark hrown, according to its age and treatment. Fotal grape production in Cyprus is about 90,000 tons a year under vines now over 140 square miles. This means a higher per head of population (of about 55,000) than in France, Itai countries where viticulture is of stch great importance. output Spain-