THE FIRE BRIGADE HAVE A MONSTER, 100! ΡΟΗ passing the Ledra Palace on Friday morning (20th March) were surprised to see a fireman hovering over the roof of the hotel at the end of the longest ladder they had probably ever seen in their lives. The fireman was taking part in a demonstration being staged for the TV cameras of CBC and the ladder, the largest of its kind in the world outside the United Kingcom, is a new acquisition of the Cyprus Fire Service. The 100 foot turntable extension ladder arrived in .Cyprus ten days ago after the Chief Fire Officer had returned to London earlier in the year to test it and take delivery. Mounted on a specially reinforced chassis with a 135 brake h.p. Bedford engine (the whole unit weighs over 9 tons) the ladder is console operated by hydraulic pressure. During the demonstration a gaping crowd watched the fireman raised from a height of 20 feet to 100 feet in a matter of seconds and swung through a traverse of 360 degrees. The 32-feet long vehicle has a top road-speed of 45 m.p-h. and men are already being trained in its use. Mr D.M. Taylor, O.B.E., K.P.M., Chief Fire Officer of the Cyprus Service, spoke of its application to fire fighting in Cyprus : “ Tt has three main uses ”, he said, ‘‘ as a water tower, for getting right on top of a blaze, as a rescue ladder and also as an observation tower. There is two way transistor radio communication between the head of the ladder and a loudspeaker built into the control console for the use of the operator. It’s a real winner and has proved its value time and time again in Britain.” The whole appliance was built by Merryweather, who are experts in the manufacture of fire appliances, in co-operation with Bedfords.