The huge nine-storey building in Larnaca Road. It will be ready for occupation in three months’ time. HUGE NINE-STOREY BUILDING GOING UP IN NICOSIA THE desire of people in large cities, where building space is limited, to have a house of their own has led to a new system of housing whereby people buy separate flats in the same block. This system has recently been introduced in Cyprus by the Amani Enterprises (Housing) Ltd., who will be the first to build a block of 32 individu- ally owned flats, each a self-contained home belonging to its buyer. For the last 18 months or so Nicosians passing through Larnaca Road must have noticed work going on on a grand scale at the site of this great undertaking. ‘The new project is nearing completion : the Amani Company expect it to be ready for occupation in about three months’ time. The plans of the building were produced jointly by the technical offices of Mr. Andreas Photiades and Santamas and Bro. By the time the nine-storey building is completed close on £105,000 will have been spent on it. On an average, 100 workers have been working for the last 14 years or so to erect the eight ground floor shops, the first with Cyprus marble facing, and the 32 apartments of the new building which contains two staircases and twb elevators. Each apartment, of one to four bedrooms, is complete with living and dining rooms, kitchen, bathroom and other amenities and has recessed wardrobes in all rooms, and two verandas. The floor of the bedrooms and living rooma has semastic tiles while that of the corridors, kitchens etc. is covered with ordinary tiles. And the concealed electric installations together with the metal windows and the venetian blinds add to the modern outlook of this architectural masterprice, One can easily imagine the tremendous pressure exerted on the foundations of this giant building. Though the underground of the site is pure clay, extreme care has been taken for the safe positioning of the building by employing the “Radier General” system of foundations, The drainage system is a combination of the absorption and evaporation systems. ‘Two water tanks, one underground and another on top of the building, provide a continuous supply of fresh water to all parts of the building. Among the numerous up-to-date techniques and materials employed in the construction of this building there is a layer of heat and sound insulation between every storey—another factor contribu- ting to the tenants’ comfort. Situated in one of the best parts of the residential area of Nicosia with ample parking space for 21 cars in the back of the building, this new venture should prove its worth in the near future and will certainly answer the demand of a new class of house owners in Nicosia.