CYPRUS TOURISM Back to Better Days

CYPRUS TOURISM Back to Better Days ITH the rapid change back to pre-emergency conditions Tourist Development has become one of the important considerations in the structure of the new Cyprus State. ~~. * On Friday, March 20th, His Excellency the Governor met representatives of the tourist industry at Government House for a discussion on the future of tourism in Cyprus. Views were exchanged on immediate action to be taken - toifacititate the-industry and long-term considerations for -adéquate development of the Island’s abundant resources. Sir Hugh said : “I know of no single industry which so benefits a state in all walks of life, and whose profits are so spread out through the economy. Tourism will play a very great role in the future economic stability of the new Cyprus.” Our picture shows Sir Hugh Foot with represen- tatives of the tourist industry and senior Government Officials on the steps of Government House before the meeting.