Mr, John Profumo (centre), British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, poses with the Greek and Turkish representatives on the Cyprus Joint Committee in London when they met for their first conference at 10, Carlton House Terrace, London, on March 23rd. From left: Mr. Zenon Rossides, representing the Greek Cypriot Community Mr. Muharrem Nuri Birgi, the Turkish Ambassador in London Mr. John Profumo, Mr. George Scferiades, the Greek Ambassador in London and Mr. Osman Orek, representing the Turkish Cypriot Community. THE LONDON JOINT COMMITTEE ON CYPRUS NE of the measures agreed at the London Conference was the Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities, The Committee will establishment of a Joint Committee in London composed of prepare the final treaties giving effect to the conclusions of the a representative of each of the Governments of Greece, Turkey and London Conference and will deal with matters arising from the the United Kingdom and one representative each of the Greck- (Contd. on page 3) Al general view of the first conference of the Cyprus Joint Committee in London. The Committee will work on agreements between the powers concerned to give effect to the decisions reached during the conference. At right is the United Kingdom delegation. At bottom right, the Greek-Cypriot delegation. At left the Greek delegation, and next to them the Turkish-Cypriot delegation. retention of areas in Cyprus under British sovereignty, the provision to the United Kingdom Government of certain ancillary rights and facilities in the Independent Republic of Cyprus, questions of nationality, the treatment of the liabilities of the present Government of Cyprus, and the financial and economic problems which will arise from the creation of an Independent Republic of Cyprus. The Committee held its first meeting on the 23rd day of March, 1959, at No. 10 Carlton House Terrace under the chairmanship of the Right Hon. John Profumo, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. ‘The delegations were composed as follows : UNFFED KINGDOM DELEGATION : Representative + Right Hon, John Profumo, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. Deputy : Sir Knox Uelm, a retired Foreign Office offierl who saw service in ‘Tel Aviv and Ankara and was the last Governor General of the Sudan, THE GREEK GOVERNMENT DELEGATION : Represeniative > Mr. ο. Seferiades, the Greek Ambassador in London, Deputy: Mr. D. Bitsios, Counsellor in) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he handled Cyprus affairs. TURKISH GOVERNMENT DELEGATION : Representative : Mr. M. N. Birgi, the ‘Turkish Ambassador in London. Deputy: Mr. H. Bayulken, Political Adviser and alternate representative with the ‘Turkish permanent dete- gation to the United Nations since 1953. GREERK-CYPRIO'T DELEGATION : Representative > Mr. Zenou Rossides, lawyer and long-time Eth- narchy Councillor and adviser to H. B. Arch- bishop Makarios. Advisers : Mr. Andreas Araouzos, Deputy Mayor of Nicosia and leading businessman. Dr. Righinos ‘Theocharous, Finance Minister in the ‘l'ransitional Committee until recently a senior official of the Bank of Greece in Athens and lecturer in economics at Athens University. Secretary : Mr. G, Eliades, an Administrative Officer who served as Asst. Commissioner, his last appoint- ment being that of Senior Asst. Secretary. Mr. Eliades recently returned to Cyprus to fill the post of Administrative Officer, Ministry of Com- merce and Industry he has been replaced by Mr. Ph. Zachuriades, B.Sc. (Econ), formerly Assistant Commissioner, Larnaca. TURRISH-CYPRIOT DELEGATION : Representative > Mr, Osman Orek, a barrister at Law and Defence Minister in the ‘Transitional Committee. Adviser : Mr. Mehmet Ertogruloglu, a Cypriot by birth, holding the position of Director-General of the Turkish Bank of Ammortisement in Ankara. Secretary : Mr. Ahmet Zaim, barrister at Law, an Administ- rative Officer who served as Asst. District Commissioner, his last appointment being that of Senior Asst. Secretary with the Cyprus Govern- ment. Mr. Zaim has since returned to Cyprus to take up another appointment in Cyprus and has been replaced by Mr. Arif Olgun, an Admi- nistrative Assistant in the Cyprus Government. After its first meeting of delegates the Committee which is in permanent session started its meetings in its permanent home at 2 York Terrace Regent's Park N.W.1 and several meetings have since taken place. ‘he two Cypriot representatives Mr. Rossides and Mr. Orek have a dual capacity insofar that they represent their respective communities hoth in the capacity of delegates and deputies. A Secretariat under Mr. R. Wade-Gery of the Foreign Office, serves all delegations in co-operation with their respective Secretaries or Deputies. The relevant part of the declaration by the Government of the United Kingdom referring to the provision to the U.K. of certain ancillary rights and facilities, questions of nationality, liabilities and financial and economic problems are included in Para A and B of the declaration as follows - A, That, subject to the acceptance of their requirements as set out in Section B. below, they accept the documents approved by the Heads of the Governments of Grecce and Turkey as the agreed foundation for the final settlement of the problem of Cyprus. B, That, with the exception of two areas at (a) Akrotiri—Episkopi—Paramali, and (b) Dhekelia—Pergamos—Ayios Nikolaos—Xylophagou, which rill be retained under full British sovereignty, they are eeilling to transfer sovereignty over the Island of Cyprus to the Republic of Cyprus subject to the following con- ditions .- ‘ (1) that such rights are secured to the United Kingdom Government as are necessary to enable the two areas as aforesaid to be used effectively as military bases, including among others those rights indicated in the Annex attached, and that satisfactory guarantees are given by Greece, Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus for the integrity of the areas retained under British sovereignty and the use and cnjoyment by the United Kingdon of the rights referred to above (2) that provision shall be made by agreement for » - (i) the protection of the fundamental human rights of the various communities in Cyprus (ii} the protection of the interests of the members of the public services in Cyprus (ii) determining the nationality of persons affected by the settlement (iv) the assumption by the Republic of Cyprus of the ap- propriate obligations of the present’ Government of Cyprus, including the settlement of claims.