Inspector Kyriakou opens the door to... TRIKOMO'S NEW MARKET

Inspector Kyriakou opens the door onto... Luspevtor af th stanivos Kuriak 15 wtable seller Elias Siylianon weight oat apples. Laspectur Kyriakou cherks in a loud of grapes avhiek rill soun be on sale, ITH its steadily expanding population—it now numbers about 2,100—the village of Trikemo: has for some time been in need of e modern market One of the largest and most important rural centres in the Famagusta district, Frikomo has been, since the beginning of this century, & centre for i trade mot ony with, its hinterland bir with villages lying deep Some af its merchants example is RL CG business flourish world w spirit at ente continued and t the surrounding © ro buy oar sell, hi Vhe Village He vealised the impor Tr would nor only increase the revenue ei the Public Health Fund bur weuld alse _ provide better amenities aml services to the would attract eased trade public, 2 more penple — front neighbouring villa Mhe old, ilapidared mark down in 1948 and plans w the erection? of a new one. far ot £3,800 which was ta, be ox of the m was approved early in 1949 and) work | started August of the same year. A few weeks ago building was completed and an informal inaugural mony was held, 1 ket cantains six meat shops and . six perishable goods stalls, a coffee- ο σος an office and public Tnvatories Ἶ revenue from the lease of the shops and stores ait present ainaunts to about £11 a year. 3 progressive essive vill Trikown Village Commission (deft to right) Philippus Skeparnides, Mibtindes Sprran. Ghristofty Pandeli, the Mukhtar and Vasilis dudren, The well-lighted interior tchich contains not only stalls but a coffee shop as well.