PM NICOSIA MBE AGLES T HE pictures on this page are of a pair of Imperial Eagles which occupy a specially-built cage in the Public Garden in Nicosia. : ‘They were captured in the Northern Range by Mr. D. F. Davidson, Assistant Con- servator of Forests, in the spring of last year when they were about two months old. Unlike most other eagles, which make their nests on inaccessible crags, the Im- perials (Aquila heliaca heliaca is their proper name) usually nest in the tops of trees and are easy to get at. Every year a number of them are des- troyed by villagers because they raid chickens. Last year the Cyprus authorities sent an Imperial eagle to the Dublin Zoo. The director of the zoo has made a pet of it: when it sees him approaching, the bird flies towards him. | ‘he eagle, which is housed in a prominent position in the zoo, is most popular with visitors. } Which leads one to wonder why we haven't a zoo in Nicosia.