Fishing nets drying at Karavostasi. ROUND “ihe” STAND OR the first time this year exports from Cyprus heave exceeded imports. Figures recently released show that in August we bought goods worth £879,000 the goods we sold were valued at £993,000, giving us a balance on the right side of £114,000. ‘otal exports for the first eight months of the year were nearly £6%2 million, com- pared with £4% million in the correspond- ing period of 1949. The trade gap — the excess of imports over exports — was reduced by close on £1 million. The Department of Agriculture reports that during September more than a quarter of a million gallons of wine were exported trom Limassool. Shipments from other ports included onions and pomegranates, raisins and garlic, tobacco and dried plums. £300,000 FOR LIMASSOL G OVERNMENT is to lend £300,000 to Limassol for the construction of a new water supply and fer the improve- ment of the town’s drainage. For many years the water supply a Limgesol has been inadequate and the in- crease in population over the last decade has made the problem more acute. Recently the Government Water [En- wineer drew up a scheme for conveying water to the town from two large springs, situated about 12 miles away. into a new distribution system. In conjunction with the laying of this new system there has been prepared a scheme for the improvement of the sur- face drainage of the town. ‘The streets of Limassol, sloping down to the sea-front, are at present the natural line of drainage for a considerable area of high ground outside the town. In wet weather the main. streets are almost always flooded when particularly heavy rain falls there is often more than a foot of water in the busiest parts ot the main thoroughtares. ‘The remedy, which is now to be adopted, is to build a drain to lead the surface water into the two river beds on the east and west of the town, Orders for the necessary materials are to be placed at once and work will be started as soon ἂν possible. “Vhe two schemes will give employment to a large number of people in Limassol over a con- siderable period of time. A GIFT FROM AUSTRALIA T HE Cyprian Society «Kypros» ot South Australia has sent a cheque for £137 to the Commissioner, Nicosia, as a gift to the Flood Relief Fund. “Lhe money was subscribed by Cypriots and Greeks. In acknowledging «this generous con- tribution» the Nicosia Commissioner says that it is «warmly appreciated» and goes on: