The girl in this picture has the most important position of any woman in Cyprus

A CYPRIOT girl has just been appointed to «the most import- ant position occupied by a woman The girl in this picture has - wos in Cyprusy. μα most important position That is how Dr. H. M. Shelley, the Director of Medical and Health Services, describes the post of Senior Matron, which . lf has recently been filled by Miss T. Aziz. ο f a n γ WO mM 8ὃ η | η Cy 9 ru 5 The Senior Matron is responsible for the organisation of nursing throughout the island. She supervises training in all Government hospitals and has a statt of approximately 300 under her control. «The appointment of Miss Aziz to this post», Dr. Shelley said, «is an example to all the girls in Cyprus. It shows that there is no bar to them reaching the most responsible positions. «Il hope, especially, that rhis appoint- ment will encourage more girls to take up nursing, «Most jobs which girls get nowadays are, well — just jobs. Nursing is much more than that. It is a service to humanity.» Miss Aziz is a daughter of Mr. Mehmed Aziz, the man who led the campaign to rid Cyprus of the malaria mosquito. She graduated from the American Academy in Nicosia in 1935 and, in the same year, was accepted as a student at the American University School of Nurs- ing in Beirut. She was one of the first three Cyprus Gsovernment scholarship students to train in nursing. Qualifying with distinction, Miss Aziz returned to Cyprus in 1938 and went to work as nursing sister at the hospital at Lirnassol. In April, 1940, she was granted a scholarship for tuberculosis training, in- cluding health visiting, in England: she spent much time at sanatoria and dispen- saries in Lancashire and for two years was deputy matron at one of these sanatoria. On returning to Cyprus, she became Matron at the Jubilee Sanatorium at Kyperounda and served there for five years. She was appointed Matron of the Nicosia General Hospital two years ago. WO girls who hope to follow in the / footsteps of Aliss Aziz are Evro ὃ. Michaelidou (left) and Vera Christo- foridou. They are among seven girls who were recently provisionally selected to take a four-year course in nursing in Britain. The others were:— Asdghig Osken Oundjian of Nicosta Eleftheria Exintaveloni of Nicosia Tessa Palma of Famagusta Egisso Eliadou of Famagusta Rene Kyriakidou of Famagusta. Another girl, Nermin Ali, of Nicosia, has been chosen for a two-year course af training in Britain for the Certificate in Nursing of the Tuberculosis Association. Miss Michaclidou, wha comes from Nico- sia, will be 18 this month. She 1s already working in the Nicosia General Hospital. So is Miss Christoforidou, a Famagusta girl, who has just turned 18. ll the girls, before they are sent to Britain, will do six months’ probation- ary work to test their ability.