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CITRUS FRUIT EXPORTS fa view of the approaching export season for Citrus fruit, preparations are in full swing in Lindassol. This year’s crop is estimated to be fairly good, and apart from U.K. there is a very good Gemand from other countries, including Scandina- via, and Belgium. We wnder- stand that Germany alse has usked for’ oranges from Cyp- tus und though negotiations were made po, del was effect- ed as the Authorities tn Ger. many refused to grant an im- port licence. Negotiationa tv secure elec- trically. .ventitated © shipping space are also being made and the Cittus Fruit Exporters As- sociation, we understand, has requested the following steam- ship agents to make offers for the trahgpbrt of about 250,000 boxes to U.K. | rancoudt and Stephanou Ltd, Olivier and Sons Ltd., OH- ler afid Co. (Cyprus) ° Ltd, M. J. Louisides and Sons Ltd., Ivens and Co. (Cyprus) , Ltd. ‘Win. Stapledon and Sons BCyp- rus) Ltd., Orphanides and Mu- tat, The ‘Cyprus Shipping Co. Ltd., L. Savon and Co.. Ltd, Amathus Navigation Co. Ltd. WARNING TO CITRUS GROWERS Thé following notice was issued by the Department of Agriculture on September 15th, 1949: «Citrus growers, who recely- ed loans from the Citrus Indu- stry Aid Board and who are in ‘default over the payment of the instalments due in respect of those lofins, are warned that if they do not take steps to pay their instalments legal proceedings will be taken aguinst without further notice, «Citrus grawers, whose loans, which were contracted for growing alternative erops and raising livestock, have al- ready fallen due_or will do so shortly, are Hkewise warned.> ISRAEL CITRUS FRUIT A Citrus Markéting Delega- tion has left Israel for U.K. and Europe. It is estimated that 5,500,000 prompt outstanding them the now to Trade & F inatice _ITALO - GREEK PACT ON REPARATIONS A settlement of all outstand- ing questions concerning the. Dodecanese und the paynnetit in reparations over the next five years: is -provided for in an: Italo - Greek agreement just signed in Rone. The arreeyent is designed to resolve all: points at issue between thé two coun- tries in felation td see's peace treaty, with: Htaly. On the Dodecanese, Agreed to give Italian ¥ 8. there the opportunity to trans- fer to Italy. g eogii, And Minds. from the liquida tion ‘of. their propetties, aid alsé annaltéd tex sequestration of cert&in branches: of: Haltan fits in the islands, such as banks and tobacco shops. . Tt agreed to restoré all pri- vately-owned Italian shia in the afea and to glve-td Tair 220 million lire. withdrawn from circulation at the time of the Greek re-occupation. The Italian Govertntbat dertook to pay back ty . ene Gheek citizens: credits helt tn Italian banks in the Dodevanest bn alsp to make good dh idstrance policies similarly Netd. In return. for a payment by Italy of 3,750,000 dollats, Greece undertook to forégn Naqtidition of two-thirds. of thé . Tealfan as- sets in Greece, which tt was empowered to take wfidet the original pani treaty. LOSES HIS MASTER'S “TICKET Sequel to Ship’s Collision New: York, Tuesday The wartime Commandtr .of an American troopship who was decorated for. gallantry hanst never aguin serve as master of a ship because he was dronk colltsion, © yester- when involved. in a the coust guard ruled day. . The coast suard found that Captain Ragnar Frederick Br- hind, 58, was drank last June 5, when the steamship °&Ex- mouth» under his contmand cal- ded with a Greek freighter . «Hellenic Beachy off Cape 6,000,000 cases will he available May, New Tereey. for export from Isriel this sea- Captain Erlund won the S00 which starts from No- Merchant Murine distinguished vember. . service medal for heroic con- The orange growers have re-| duet and has for 26 -yeats been celved Israel Government as surince that some form of sub- sidy will be worked out help them this season. N. ZEALAND TO OPEN ITS FIRST LEAD MINE New Zealand's first lead mine is expected to be working to a ship's Commander. The ‘hearing officer said a first mate’s licence may he issued to Captain Erlund in six Inonths time, CZECH TRADE MISSION GOES TO AMERICA Czechoslovakia is expected to in about two years. reopen trate and financial The site of the mine, nearjtalks with the United States Te Aroha, 70 miles southeast} shortly, The National Bank of Auckland, is also believed to be rich in gold, silver, zine and copper. ‘ But it is in the basic minerals — lead, zinc and copper—that Mr. B. J. Dunsheath. who in- tends opening the sear, is most interested. At present New Zealand relies entirely on im- ports for these metals, British and Australian tech- nical experts will help the New Zealanders to trace the lead seam, which straddles i in the Tut area, about miles from Te Aroha, the next two years. But although this is the first real start to lead mining in the area, its history as Site goes back to the ridge two during a mining “nineties. reports tlt Fr, Leopold Chme- la, the Director-General, is al- ready in the United States with a delegation which includes Dr. Pavel Eisler, « representative of the President's Office, anil Dr. L. Biel. a delegate from” the Ministry of Finance. , It is believed that the Czechs will try to work out with Ame- viern officiuis means of fi- nancing Czechoslovak dollar im- ports to secure capital goods from the United States. The Czechs ulso want to ne gotiate the import of a steel mill which they say they have already paid for in the United States, and other problems in- volving debts ind compens#- tion. ges