Medic Alert could save your life

Flremen are often first on the scene where physical distress is Involved. Prompt Identification of hidden medical problems may often mean the difference be- tween life or death. Some 500 people in Cyprus now carry the Medic Alert em- blem (a bracelet or necklace) which could save the life of some- one with a “hidden” medical problem. Medic Alert is a chari- table non-profit organisation available through the spon- sorship of the Lions Clubs of Cyprus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Medical Association. Among people who need the protection of Medic Alert are those with heart condi- tions, diabetes, epilepsy and edic Ale save your life severe allergies. When such people cannot speak for themselves because of shock, unconsiousness or hysteria, the Medic Alert bracelet taiks for them. Vital On the back of the em- blem is engraved the medical problem, the registration number and the telephone number of the answering ser- Daard af tha ne vice. Doctors, police, ambu- lance and hospital personnel can be given vital informa- tion which could save the pa- tient's life. Tragic or even fatal mis- takes can be made in emerg- ency medical treatment unless the special problem is known. A diabetic could be neg- lected and die because he was thought to be intoxicat- ed. A shot of penicillin could end the life of someone who is allergic to it.People de- pendent on medicines must continue to receive at them all times. Burns The following story illus- trates a tragic incident, and how a man's life could have been saved through Medic Alert. Suffering from severe burns and unconscious from smoke inhalation encoun- tered in amajor fire, a veteran fireman was rushed to the nearest hospital in a smail North -western town in the US. By the time his Chief— and life-long friend—arrived to check on his condition, he was dead, the victim of reac- tion to a penicillin injection. Both the fireman and the ‘t.could . chief had known of his alier- gy to penicillin. Neither had been able to alert the emerg- ency room personnel to his hidden medical problem. This tragedy might have been averted if the fireman had worn on his wrist orneck Medic Alert Foundation's in- ternationally recognised emergency identification , emblem. Benefits The fotlowing excerpt from a Medic Alert member's letter illustrates the benefits of Medic Alert-fire depart- ment cooperation: “| have a Pacemaker {battery-operated heart - beat regulator) installed be- cause of a heart block. The surgeon advised me to wear a Medic Alert emblem. The bracelet has never been off my wrist, as it has saved my tife at least three times since t ordered it. Twice, | was able to call the rescue squad be- fore passing out and the fire- men acted on the information on my bracelet The third time | was at work when | became ill. The shop nurse called the rescue and they told me afterward that again the bracelet had saved my tife.”