! | ANOTHE HITS GN Rw WR 8 OUR DISASTER INDIA Floods Unite Punjabis in Common Distress (From Noel Buckley, Reuter’s Correspondent.) LAHORE, Tuesday. were in flight ‘together flood waters of three rivers which have swe 1}1,000 sq. kilometres of table-flat Central Pa ‘!cut into two by the India-Pakistan bo —Aitackers and attacked today before the brown t over gab, rdee over |which refugees have been streaming in’ beth directions from communal violence. - CROWDS SEEK | ESCAPE Where the trunk road bridge crosses the river about 100 kilometres west of Lahore some 100,000 Moslem refugees were gathered on the clay cliffs east of the river. T flew today over some of the country where this further affliction has fallen alike on the miserable minorities on both sides of the border. T accompanied on this flight Liagat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of the West Punjab (Pakistan) and Mian Iftik Haruddin, the West Punjab Refugee Minister. We flew in a Dakota for two hours in wide circles from Lahore over the inundated land, Amid green ruined’ crops on roof-tops, and: on émbaak- ments the refugees: and ville. gers were gathered in theu- sands, seeking to escape the reach of the waters. Convoys of refugees and food supplies were cut off and many villages igg where roads and raitways were flooded or breached. DISASTER DOUBLED This fresh disaster hes increased the already -- t problem of moving: aad supplying the refugees. Large areas of the low- lying parts of the city of Lahore, near the Punjab dividing line have flooded, while in Ferozepur City, to the south, the brown water was awash inside ¢he roofless walls of the t-wrecked houses. rere