IN NICOSIA Housewives in Nicosia were yesterday submitted to a lot waiting and pushing for their daily loaves of bread. “fom bakeries which most of. them failed te get. ‘Brawls and “minor inci- -¢identss occurred and very many housewives went back to their homes without any -heead in their baskets. ‘Nobody appears to know ‘as eause of this shortage of ‘bread. There does not appear ‘to be any shortage of grain ‘either on the world market or he loca! market. One housewife who was waiting inthe queue yester. ‘day morning shouted ‘at the Cypriot’s” reporter and told im : z “This is what you should “write about, and not hem- : mer at us every day with : archiepiscopal electioneer-| g ing’’. - POTATO ~ISSUE “knother distribution of} potatoes will be made next]. week in all district towns to] ‘all town residents at the| rate of 1} okes per person. |: The price to consumers willl: be &p: the oke. - The distribution will be}: made through the approved|: retailers for rationed com-|¢ modities against the ration|« booklets. I BSS 29 S665 4G6G00066 teens.