iT e a _ 1 S y > j PAGE THREE HE PETROL SHORTAGE CONTINUES PRICE HITS £2 PER 4 GALLON TIN Despite ail measures taken by the Controller of Supplies the shortage of petrol and kerosene {continues and prices have shot up to £2 per 4- gallon tin of petrol. The control instituted by the authorities by issuing | motorists with chits everyday ‘|has not increased the supply , ) of petrol available in the open market although there appears to exist an unlimited ‘|quantity of petrol if one is {prepared to pay the price. The Fuel Controller, the Supplies, Uransport and Murketing Controller, and the local oil company agerts have stated that there is no shortage of petrol in | Cyprus and that the stocks in {hand now are enough for the island’s needs until the new consignments arrive. Then why the shortage? One official spokesman explained the shortage as} ‘rather an artificial shortage people to secure as much of it as possible im anticipation of the rationing which is rumoured as imminent”. All public lorries and buses maintaining communications between the towns and villages__ are supplied with sufficient petrol to cover their require- ments and steps are being taken to provide private mo- torists with increased quan-’. tities of petrol, the official .. spokesman added. which is due to the rush of |! i. cc