Egypt Denies Troop Moves

a i Egypt ‘Denies | Lroop :| Moves | CAIRO, Tues—An Egyptian 1 {Ministry of Defence spokes- jjmMan tonight denied an t|Egyptian newspaper report {that ten thousand Egyptian t)army troons had moved to e|Arish, an Egyptian town on eithe Palestine border. é' | The Egyptian army has r)not been instructed to eross! the Sinai desert, it was added. | In government circles here the choizra epidemic '! is given as one of the. reasons why the Egyptian! army would not take a major part in an Arab in-|, vasion of Palestine, if: events came to this. . Ir is believed that the Egyp- f van Prime Minister, Nokrashy Pasha, made this clear at the Arab League Council meeting in the Lebanon. The greater part of the Egyptian army is at present engaged in cordon- ing off the cholera infected fareas and it would be, until ‘the prevailing epidemic is Wiped out. (R) KING FAROUK’S } UNCLE FLIES ‘TO MIAMI | Sherif Sabry Pasha uacle of ‘King Farouk of Egypt, whol J precently visited Cyprus, arrived v by air on Afonday in New York to visit his sister Suzen Nazli, at ithe Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Min-} f [nesota, where she is recovering 1] ‘from an operation. Sherif Sabry r Pasha, who is going on to Ro- | cherster, said he hoped to be in | Paris in November for the meeting 2 lof the Suez Canal Board. (R) rn ~- FS = ews rr