KASHMIRI LOVE SONG OF 1947 Rape, Murder & Loot in Himalayas NEW DELHI, Tues.—By special plane Sardan ‘ Vallabhai Patel, Deputy-Premier of India and Sar- dan Balbev Singh, Defence Minister left here this morning for Kashmir, where Indian troops rushed by air to the fighting front were reported advancing towards Baramuls, the township in the hands of raiders from the Northwest frontier area. They were going on to Srinagar, capital of Kashmir and were to return to Dethi tonight. Baramula, the immediate target of the Indian forces, lies 35 miles of Srinagar. The Indian troops defending Srinagar who are -being continually reinforced by air are rapidly consolidating their positions according to reports reaching here. / ARMED MEN INTHE SHADOWS Although the main bady of raiders have been pushed back they contioue to in- filtrate iato the surrounding villages. When the afternoon sun is casting deep shadows on the hilis facing the valley they con “from their hideouts and maf¥a until the moon is high in the sky. Then in small groups they enter the villuges, fully armed with modern weapons. Ao Indian Government communique said a British Lieutenant-Colonel and his wife had been killed and their three children were miss- ing after the attack on a con. vent in Baramula, when the place was captured by tribes- men. NO NEWS OF HOLIDAYING BRITONS There has been no news of another 20 Britons presu- med to have been on leave in the District. A brief communique from the “Provisional Government of Free Kashmir’ late Jase night reported “the situation on all fronte ie extremely satisfactory”. Kashmir State bas an area of 84,258 sq. miles and had a populition of 9,645. 339 in 1940. It is ruled hy the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, who ranks j with those of Baroda, Gwalior Hyderabad and Mysore as entitled to 4 salute of 21 guns The, revenue of the State in 1949 was given as £1,875, 000, Its people are Moslems. Sritagar, pop. 173,578, is the capital of the State, which is situated west of Nepal, in the Himilayas. Its people are noted for theircalture and handicrafts, BRITISH OFF:CERS IN INDIAN ARMY London Delegation LONDON, Tues,— The de- legation from the Govern- ment of India to discuss with the War Office the retention of British Army Officers for ‘service with the Indian Army arrived in London by air to- day. Mr. HLM. Patel, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, heads the delegation, and the other members are General Sir Rob Lockhart, Comman- der-in-Chief, Indian Army, and R.K. Chandler, The delegation wilt be in London for about ven days. Mr. Jinnah, the Governor-Cie- neral of Pakistan, Liaqat Ali Khan the Preinier, end three Pakistan Cabinet Minis- ters were believed to be conferring ia Lahore on the Kashmir situation. Hyderabad city, 1,200 miles gsuuth of Kashmir was today all under the u-hour carfew imposed after a communal clash in one area fast Satur- day. (R) The U.S. Senate War In- vestigating Committee heard on Monday the contents of a oonfidential letter in which the late Harry Hopkins Lend -Lease Administrator, wrote gt the Saudi Arabian govern- ment in 1941: “Just bow he, cond callthat outfit a de. |, xocracy I do not koow!” ‘REVOLT AGAINST IMPERIALISM” DOGRA The provisional government of Azad Kashmir {Free Kashmir), led by Sardar Mohammed Ibrihim appealed on Monday to “ali democratic minded and freedom loving nations of the world” through Trygve Lie, Secretary-General of United Nations, to support and stand by patriotic people of Jammu and Kashmir in their fight for freedom. The “Azad Kashmir’ pro- visional government, led by a 30-,ear o!d London-.irained barrister, has its headquarters at Pulandari, 8 mies inside the Rasbinir border and 4o miles east of Rawalpindi. Ft cl ims that the people of Kashmir have risen against “the autocratic tyranny of Dogra imperialism, which during the list 160 years of its inglorious reign has reduced our people to utter destitution and has sapped their blood: bs every pussible means.” The appeal complains that the leaders of the Dominion of India‘‘from sheer commun- al prejudice and bigurry’ have chosen to stand by the autoc- . ratic ruler ef the State rather than the people and are“prov- iding all-out military help to’ this despot,” “Tens of thousands are being butchered in culd blaed by the Dogra legions and men, women and even children beiag machine-gunned from the air, peaceful villages barned and prosperous towns looted and razed”. The appeal adds that the Afridis ate asking for passage through Pakistan to come to the aid of the Kashmiris, erent