Scolding For Rumania

2 4 Scolding For Rumania “ALL MANNER OF CHICANERY”’ Says U.S. Indictment WASHINGTON, Wed. (R) Rumania was accused by the United States today of blatently violating the. provisions of its peace treaty, and charged with an “intent to wipe out the last . q i ' te bh -| vestiges of democratic opposition. Referring to the 1946| elections, the American, Note charged that “all man- | | ner of chicanery and extreme | physical violence was employ- ——— Ee = —_—_ Fe Os = “tO Se Te” OE SO Oe Oa wt HF ed by or with the consent of the . Rumanian govt. to reduce the legitimate politi- eal activity of any elements not subservient to the controlling minority.” The charges were in a Note delivered to the Rumanian ministry of foreign affairs by Rudolf Schoonfeld, U.S. Minister. The Note closely paralleled another sent by Britain last week-end and published yes- terday. The Note alleged that after the Rumanian govt. signe? the peace treaty last February “its police autho- rities intensified a systemz- tic brutal campaign to eli- minate all political opposi- tion. Nation-wide manhunts were conducied on a mass seale, resulting in the arBit- rary arrest and incarceration of thousands’’. It was charged that those prisoners were subjected not only to conditions of starva- tion and disease, but . to “methods designed to extract confessions in anticipation of their forthcoming trial.” cP,