NEW SUEZ CHAIRMAN Francois _ Charles-Roux, French diplomat and President of the Institute of Moral and Political Sciences, has been elect- ed chairman of the board of directors of the Suez Cana} Come pany in place of the Marquis de ‘| Vogue, who died recently. ‘| A former ambassador to the Vatican, Charles-Roux was ap- '‘fpointed secretary-general of ‘Ithe ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘fin the crucial days of May, 1940 but resigned when the Vichy regime came into being. He knows the Suez Canal area well, as he lived in Egypt from 1907 to 1912 and has written se- veral books on the country. R. LARNACA COURT LARNACA, Wed—A cer- tain Hadjikyriacos Hadjifo- rados of Livadia, for having in his possession “239 okes of pure wheaten flour, waa today fined £10. Michalakis Georgiou Kara- aiskos, of Famagusta, charged with driving a car whilst under the influence of drink and in a dangerous manner was sentenced to one: day’s imprisonment, 2is. fine and his licence was suspended for 9 months. |BANK CLERKS PETITION The Bank Clerks Associa- tion has petitioned Govern. ment asking for legistation providing for a pension fund aod social security, and suggesting that a represent- ative of tbe Association participate in {the newly. formed Labour Advisory Board. CURRENCY EARNINGS £7,500 per Hour. During the four week per‘od ending February 27th, Nuffield Exports Ltd., broke all their pre- vious records for shipping cars overseas. Despatches each week exceed- cd an average of 1,000 vehicles, equivalent to earning overseas currency at the rate of £7,500 per hour. Throughout 1947, Nuffield || Exports Ltd., maintained an average export rate of one ve- hicle every 34 Mltinutes of the ' working day, but during the pe- riod just mentioned, this output increased to one vehicle every |' 24 minutes. NICOSIA COURT Loukis Polykarpou, of Limassol, manuger of the Royal Hotel, Nicosia, yester- day reported to the police that unknown persons entered his bedroom on Tuesday and stole two wrist-watches valued at £14. | Tke preliminary inquiry into the stamps case continued yesterday before the Nicosia Court, , aod will continue today. The preliminary inquiry into a robbery case in ayhich Zia Dervis of Lefka, is charged with taking by force £8 from Ali Kiamil, also of Lefka, also began in the Nico- sia Court yesterday. KLEOPAS NEW PAPHOS BISHOP Ex-Abbott of Kykko, Kleopas, was yesterday elected Bishop of Paphos by 31 votes to 17 at the general meeting of General Repre- septatives at the Archibishop- ric, under the presidency of Archbishop Makarios. The electoral assembly consisted of 36 elected re- presentatives and 12 high churchmen. At the opening of the meeting Mayor Chr. Galato- poulos of Paphos suggested a vive voce vote but this was overruled on the objection of Mr. Setirakis Markides, und a secret ballot resorted to. The 17 negative votes re- presected the Leftist faction,