, JUNIO |MINISTERS TURN ABOUT L. J. EDWARDS LONDON, 1 (R) Prime Minis- ter Clement Attlee has ap- pointed Mr. Lewis John Edwards, Parliamentary Se- cretary of the Ministry of Health, to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, in succession to Mr. John Belcher, in a junior mi- nistrial reshuffle officially announced tonight. Other appointments are : Mr. Arthur Blenkinsop to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health Mr. C. J. Simmonds to be Parliamentary Secretary to ‘the Ministry of Pensions a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. The reshuffle, by its extreme- ly limited character, forms an anticlimax to the wide- spread speculation cn Govern- ment changes in which the names of at least a quarter of Mr. Attlee’s Ministry were mentioned. The appointment of Edwards to succeed Mr. Bel- eher is the only change re- lated to the recent tribunal proceedings. Mr. H. R. Adams : “|