NEW X-RAY AT NICOSIA HOSPITAL On the invitation of the Public Information Office, journalists yesterday saw the new X-Ray apparatus instal- led at the Nicosia General Hospital. Dr. Spyros Pavlides, doyen of radiology in Cyprus, and Government Radiologist, told the Press about the purposes and effect of the new ap- paratus in curative medicine, and the different diseases to which the apparatus can be ap- plied. He said that the apparatus n}| had been installed by techni- -icians of the P.W.D. and was e/the product of the famous -{ Siemens factory, formerly an -| entirely German firm but now a having a factory in Britain. The cost was some £3,000. Cyprus is fortunate in hav- ing such a skilled radiologist as Dr. Sp. Pavlides, who studied in Germany for 16 years and holds the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy of the Gottingen University and Doc- tor of Medicine of the Berlin University. Dr. Sp. Pavlides has been in the service of the Government Hospital for the last ten years and is known to a vast number of sufferers not only for his high technical abi- lity but also for his admirable human qualities. Dr. Pavlides has as assistang in his Department Mrs. ER: Papadroussiotiou, Miss Nite Tsangaridou and Miss As Hovivian. a Last year this branch of thy Hospital services performed) some 6,095 X-ray examin tions, mostly for chest ag mastoid complaints and sé some 15,000 films. a Mrs. Aziz, matron of who was present at the com ference, afterwards entertain ed the visiting pressmen ¢ coffee and biscuits. As the parity left they saw Jong queue of patients v4 ing their turn to see D: =, Pavlides, who attends to Sori twenty to twenty-five case every day in addition to t& onerous duties of caring fd such apparatus as that showed us yesterday. In fact, although Dr. Pav lides seemed to regard duties as not abnormal strenuous, it seemed to us thay his branch might well be fum nished with more personney so that its head might be evel freer to give Cyprus suffe the benefit of his fine techn que and admirable character Y. R¢