2 OE POINT OF NO RETURN Second Westerner Disappears on Warsaw Airport FRENCH DETAIN POLISH PLANE PENDING WARSAW PROBE The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yester- dey that it had begun inquiries into the disappearance of Andre Simon Robineal, a temporary member of the French consulate in Stettin, former German Baltic port in the ter- ritory occupied by Poland. The communique said there was little doubt that Mr. Ro- bineaul had been arrested. Mr. Robineal, son of the se- cretary-general of the Warsaw French Institute, disappeared in Warsaw on Friday morning when he was due to take a Paris-bound plane, said the communique. The French Foreign Office said that the duty officer at Warsaw airport police bureau , _—-, _ - gave his word that Robineau had boarded the plane. When it landed at Brussels the crew and the passengers declared that Robineal had not caught the plane, adding that his na- me had been erased form the passenger list. “In the circumstances there is no doubt that Mr. Robineal was arrested at the Warsaw airport,” said the communique. The French Foreign Office said that M. Jean Baglens, Am bassador in Warsaw, was told by the Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman that they had no knowledge of the affair.. The crew of the plane were closely questioned when it arrived at Le Bourget airfield, near Paris on Friday night. Mr. Robineal was the se- cond Western foreigner to va- nish from Warsaw airfield with in two months. Herman Field, American ar- chitect, of Ohio, brother of Noel Field, who was mention- ed during the Budapest trea- son trial of former Hungarian foreign minister Laslo Rajk as “American anti - communist agent,” vanished from the air- port in September, when Jeav- ing for London on his way home. He is still untraced. M. Robineal was accompa- nied to the airfield by his fa-_ ther, whosaid that his son en- tered the Control shed but did not join the plane, which Jeft for Paris. - The Polish plane was reported at Warsaw to be held by the French authorities in Paris while the Warsaw officials pro- ved the mystery of M. Robi- neal’s disappearance. (R)